This is SO exciting!!! Asian Dream new reality competition show centered in Singapore

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    #AsianDream #MorissetteAmon #MichaelBolton Morissette Amon - Live Performance Morissette Amon - Vocal Range Morissette Amon - Vocal Ability Morissette Amon - Updates Morissette Amon - Epic,Cute and Funny Moments Morissette - Panaginip (Official Music Video) "PANAGINIP" Morissette Amon (New Single) (Download on Spotify) (Download on iTunes) (Download on Amazon) Phoenix is a blazing bird that rises up from the ashes and flies again. Morissette as a seasoned "Kontesera",(a frequent singing contestant in particular) could also relate to the Phoenix's character. She had several losses and downtimes but chose not to give up rather rises up again. Morissette Amon is Known for her "intentional vocal breaks" "squeaks" and "whistle registers" MORISSETTE AMON Vocal Type: Lyric Soprano Vocal Range: B2-Bb7 - 4 Octaves 6 ┬Żnotes Morissette Amon Wiki Profile: YT Version: and also: Please LIKE and SHARE.Thank you The Asia's Phoenix/Exceptional Diva Morissette Please Follow Morissette Amon Social Media Accounts. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Morissette Amon FB Fan Page: Subscribe to Morissette/amayamon channel! My Twitter Account: My Facebook Account: My Facebook Page:

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